Itchy feet

Etwinning project
Title: Itchy feet
Participating classes: English D1 and D2
Participating teachers: Ioanna Ziaka, Sofroniadou Elena
Participating countries: Greece, Great Britain, Poland, Rumania, Turkey
Short description:
We are two classes of 10-year-olds and we embark on a journey to learn more about European countries to learn more about the common space we share. The students are going to travel virtually and learn about european cities, special foods, customs and landmarks, and send postcards to each other via the etwinning platform. They are also going to build online games that will help consolidate what students will learn about the cities and their people.
General Aim:
Realization of the existence of the European space and the concept of international cooperation
Learning targets:
Meet the international/European learning community
Familiarize students with the concept of cooperation in a European community and learning to function in a larger learning space
Develop English language skills
Develop ICT and communication skills
Retrieve information, either from the internet or through communication with members of other learning communities, assess and report it.
Procedural targets:
Organize information about different countries, cultures, peoples
Look for, process and exchange information
Understand and produce oral and written speech in the target language
Develop the skills of observation of similarities and differences, comparing and co-synthezing points of view
Affective targets:
Cultivate the concept of living and acting within a larger European space
Understand the principles of cooperation, dialogue and common plan of action
Cultivate a spirit of respect towards other peoples and cultures
Adopt skills of group work, self confidence and autonomy
Treat the cultural and national multiformity of the European space in a positive spirit and as a source of information to form points of view
Develop skills of cooperation, dialogue and regulation of interpersonal relationships
Present information to a wider learning community

Plan of action
January 20th: powerpoint with pictures and information concerning partner schools and children involved in the project. No individual children information is necessary.
To avoid personal photos, each class involved could upload a flip book with each student’s drawing with personal information s/he chooses to share, e.g. my favourite book/food/pet/hobby etc
February 15th: flipbook/PowerPoint with general information concerning the country, the people, population/religion/currency/weather/special habits, followed by information about the city/town of partners.
Arrangement of chat meeting (or- if learners wish- meetings) for learners to chat and get to know each other virtually.
March 15th: flipbook/powerpoint with the most famous landmarks of the country and city/town
Making a board game/online computer game with the landmarks of all the countries involved in the project. Each country contributes their own game and plays the games of the other countries. This could be a shared experience with the students of different countries playing the games together via Skype connection.
April 15th: flipbook/PowerPoint with characteristic celebrations/customs of the people of the country
Exchange of e-cards among participating schools and students, each student imagining that they are on a trip to one of the countries involved in the project sending a postcard to their virtual friends in another country.
May 15th: flipbook/PowerPoint with the most characteristic specialties/food of the country, and specialties associated with celebrations, involving explanations of special ingredients.
June 10th: Making a quiz-game with the information the learners have received about all the countries involved in the project.
2nd Skype common lesson: the students of different countries play the games together via Skype and say goodbye to each other.

Etwinning space
Project diary

The project will be evaluated through student questionnaires.