All school days are extraordinary!


Τάξη: Στ 3 (αγγλικών)

Εκπαιδευτικοί: Καρακίτσου Χρυσή

ΘΕΜΑ: «All school days are extraordinary!»


ΣΥΝΤΟΜΗ ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ: (στόχοι, μεθοδολογία, αξιολόγηση)

(Στόχοι) Our aims are to encourage pupils to learn to know each other and become friends, to develop our pupils abilities to communicate in a foreign language, share information and connect virtually. It is to enhance our pupils ICT skills and facilities, to enhance our pupils understanding and knowledge of different European countries and cultures and thus overcome their prejudices and increase tolerance.


(Μεθοδολογία) During the school year pupils and teachers from twin schools are going to work according to the project plan and show the effects of working on different topics concerning school life (It’s me; My school; My teachers and the subjects they teach;, Extra classes, Celebrations; School trips; Time to reflect). The effects will be shared with friends in other European countries through twinspace, emails and traditional mail.

(Αξιολόγηση) Pupils will gain an understanding of the similarities and differences in our localities. They will improve geographical skills. They will improve communication skills – making decisions, writing for a purpose and sharing this with others.

(Εργαλεία) Chat, email, MP3, TwinSpace, Άλλο λογισμικό (Powerpoint, βίντεο, φωτογραφίες και σχέδια), Βίντεο διάσκεψη, Ημερολόγιο του έργου, Φόρουμ