The operation of Excellence and Innovation Groups at the Third Model Experimental Primary School of Evosmos for the school year 2014-2015 has been announced.


These Groups have been created to make use of the pupils’ special skills and interests in different cognitive fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Love for Reading, Environment, traditional Greek dancing etc . Visits to scientific sites ,as well as various educational activities have been planned.


Pupils from all schools in Thessaloniki can register in the Groups. Their attendance is free of charge.

The meetings will take place after the end of class, and they will continue throughout the school year.  11 to 20 pupils will participate in each group and in the end a certificate of attendance will be awarded.

Seventeen groups will operate in our school this year, as shown in the table below. You will be directed to a new page by clicking on the title of each group, where you can find more information about it.


Creating with fantasy ,


Kyriatzakou Konstantina(PE 70*),


Proutsou Areti (PE70),


1st and 2ndClassClass


(Every Tuesday 14:15-15:45)


Creating with joy,


Chatzi Paraskevi (PE70),


Zioga Chrysoula (PE70),


3rdClass, 6th6thClass

(Every Tuesday 14:15-15:45)


Playing chess***,


Zapounidis Thomas (PE06)


Nursery, 1stClass, 2ndClass, 3rdClass


(Every Monday 14:15-15:45)


Little Robots*,



Primary Education Neofotistos Vasilis (PE20),


5th and 6thClass


(Every Wednesday 14:15-15:45)


Educational Robotics *,


Tsintzas Dimitris (PE70),



(Every Friday 14:15-15:45)


Dance – Means of expression and movement


KonstantinouPopi (UE11),


Fourth, 5th and 6thClass (every Tuesday 14:15-15:45)


English language teaching to Nursery children,


Karakitsou Chrysi(PE06),


Kasiakogia Vaso (PE06),


Nursery pupils (older pupils)

(Every Monday and Wednesday 14:15-15:00)


Teaching the English language to first year pupils **,






(Every Wednesday and Thursday 14:15-15:00)


Acting in the theater,


Vogiatzi Korina(PE70),


5th and 6thClass


(Every Friday 14:15-15:45)


Brush Painting Workshop,


Chasakioili Gianna (PE 08),




(Every Tuesday and Thursday 14:15-15:45)


Traditional Greek dancing for young pupils,


Emmanouilidou  Kiki (PE11),




(Every Thursday 14:15-15:45)


Child symphony -Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble,


VaitsiGeorgia-Maria PE16.01,




(Every Monday and Wednesday 14:15-15:45)


Digital stories in motion ΙΙ,


Knavas Odysseus (PE70),






(Every Thursday 14:15-15:45)


Digital narrativesin Stop Motion Animation 1,


Michail Alexandros(PE70)Kouklatzidou Maria(PE70)




(Every Tuesday 14:15-15:45)


Learning German in no time,


GkildakiAnastasia  (PE07)


Fourth – 5th- 6thClass


(Every Monday and Wednesday 14:15-15:45)


Let’s go to France

(French language teaching)


Theodoridou Efstathia(PE05)




(Every Monday and Wednesday 14:15-15:45)


Theater for teenagers,


Tsiadimos Nikos (PE06),


First, Second and Third Class of high school

(EveryTuesday 14:15-15:45)



*   Only the pupils of Evosmos Third Model Experimental Primary School can participate in the groups “Little Robots” and “Educational Robotics”.


**The group “Teaching the English language to first-years”is offered EXCLUSIVELY to pupils of other schools in the area..

*** The group “Playing chess” will be offered in two classes. In the first class, only pupils from the Third Model Experimental Primary School will participate, and it will take place every Monday (14:15-15:00). The second class will be offered to nursery children, first and second year pupils of other schools and will run every Monday (15.05-15.50).An extra class may be organised on another day, depending on the number of applications.