5 PROGRAMMES 2012-13


  • e-twinning: Traveling in Europe
    • Comenius: Let it be
    • e-twinning: Write2me
    • Virtual e-class 2013
    • e-twinning: Let’s discover Europe
    • e-twinning: Skype my mind
    • e-twinning: European Youth Murals


  • Mountain and water systems
    • Walking in the forest
    • Biofuels– Panoil
    • Water in our lives
    • Nature without rubbish
    • Learning about forests
    • Water – preciousdrops
    • Eco-friendly schools
    • A green planet
    • Renewable energy resources – Biofuels – Panoil


  • Live life with a balanced diet
    • Diet and health
    • The disabled access friendly campaign: Disability is not a brave struggle. It is a different way of living
    • Dilemmas, rules and standards in our lives
    • Pupils’ driving behavior: Pupils as pedestrians, drivers and passengers. Raising traffic awareness
    • Children and the Internet
    • Learning about life – Health
    • Bullying
    • Traditional courtyard games of the world (and cultural programme)


  • Byzantium and Mount Athos
    • A world full of fairytales
    • Theatre in education through fairytales
    • Exploring my city Thessaloniki one city,one story
    • Thessaloniki, travelling in the city we live in
    • Shadow theater
    • Eumind educational and ecological initiatives between Europe and India
    • The garden of the Virgin Mary
    • Film and TV workshop
    • The four seasons Spring, Summer
    • The four seasons – Fall, Winter
    • Learning about ancient Greek writers
    • Fair play
    • A taste of Easter
    • Traditional games in the courtyard and in the neighborhoods of the world
    • Playing with image
    • Ancient Greek history – art and culture as a timeless inspiration for culture and its representatives
    • Reading Marathon
    • Greek poets
    • Student press: Printed English newspaper “Experimental press”
    • Playing with mythology- the Minotaur in two myths
    • Bullying
    • Studentpress: printed e-newspaper
    • Once upon a time….
    • Thessaloniki -acityofreligion
    • Historyandart
    • Onecity, onestory – Thessaloniki