Programmes and Research 2013-2014

S/N Research/Programme Title Classes Teachers Category
1 What is growing there? Flower seeds are being mailed throughout Europe 5b, 5c Zioga Chrysoula, Kyriatzakou Konstantina, Tsintzas Dimitris eTwinning
2 Let’s learn our rights 3 Koutalakidou Varvara, Zapounidis Thomas, ZiakaIoanna eTwinning
3 Go Green e-Magazine 5 Laskaridou Chrysa, Kaiktsi Aikaterini,Tsiadimos Nikolaos, Kasiakogia Vaso eTwinning
4 European Calendar 2014 3a English Balasopoulou Nikoleta eTwinning
5 All school days are extraordinary 6c English Karakitsou Chrysi eTwinning
6 Environmental Studies 4c ZiakaIoanna Innovative Programme
7 Foreign language learning and academic literacy in a 3D environment Ε Taxidis Christos, Knavas Odysseas, Neofotistos Vasilis, Zapounidis Thomas, ZiakaIoanna Field Research
8 English literature books Reading Olympiad 6a English Katerina Kaiktsi Innovative Programme
9 Chess through CLIL 1b Zapounidis Thomas, ChatziParaskevi Innovative Programme
10 CLIL method 6a, 6b LaskaridouC hrysa, Knavas Odysseas Field Research
11 CLIL method 5b, 5c Laskaridou Chrysa, Zioga Chrysoula Field Research
12 Kidblog: creating a digital learning and communication community 6b Knavas Odysseas Innovative Programme
13 SchoolandSociallife 6b KnavasOdysseas, Tsintzas Dimitris, Vaitsi Georgia – Maria Innovative Programme
14 TheNaturalSciencesfestival 6b Knavas Odysseas Innovative Programme
15 Web 2.0 art tools and digital games 6b Knavas Odysseas Innovative Programme
16 Natural Sciences teaching and digital narratives 6b Knavas Odysseas Field Research
17 Geography without books 6b Knavas Odysseas Field Research
18 Developing Computational Thinking 6b Knavas Odysseas, Neofotistos Vasilis, Drougkas Argyris Field Research
19 Robotics team Pupils from the 5th and 6thclass NeofotistosVasilis, TsintzasDimitris, VogiatziKyriaki Innovative Programme
20 Mathematics and Physical Education: An interdisciplinary teaching approach in the 2nd class 2 Emmanouilidou Kyriaki, Evangelou Efthymia, Papadimitriou Panagiota, Taxidis Christos Field Research
21 Online Student Radio / Radio Experimental All classes Teachers’ board Innovative Programme
22 Language learning through reasoning 5b, 5c Zioga Chrysoula, Kyriatzakou Konstantina, NeofotistosVasilis Field Research
23 Developing problem-solving skills according to the Realistic Mathematics Education  in the 5th class 5b, 5c Zioga Chrysoula, Kyriatzakou Konstantina, Neofotistos Vasilis Field Research
24 Research on written language production 4th, 5th, 6th class Papadimitriou Panagiota, EvangelouEfthymia Field Research
25 History  in the 3rd class through CLIL 3 Koutalakidou Varvara Innovative Programme
26 Creating corpora based on literary texts used for English language teaching at the 3rd Model Experimental Primary School in Evosmos Tsiadimos Nikolaos Field Research
27 Physical Education through CLIL 2 LaskaridouChrysanthi, EmmanouilidouKyriaki, Tsiadimos Nikolaos Field Research
28 Participation in the Council of Europe comic strip competition “Democracy and Human Rights in Europe” 3b, 3c English Koutalakidou Varvara, Zapounidis Thomas, ZiakaIoanna Innovative Programme
29 Participation in the “Face to Faith” network 5b, 6a Tsiadimos Nikolaos, DrougkasArgyris, KnavasOdysseas, Kyriatzakou Konstantina Innovative Programme
30 Literacy in English as a foreign language at an early age: The Phonics method approach compared to other holistic approaches 3 Tsiadimos Nikolaos Field Research
31 Native language development as a predictor of foreign language development 1 Sofroniadou Eleni, Tsiadimos Nikolaos Field Research
32 Teaching  mathematics conceptsthrough History 3 Kouklatzidou Maria, Michail Alexandros Field Research
33 Greek language teaching using ICT 3b, 3c English Kouklatzidou Maria Field Research
34 Participation in the Council of Europe comic strip competition”Democracy and Human Rights at School” Two of the three English classes of the 3rd class Koutalakidou Varvara, Zapounidis Thomas Contest participation
35 Miltos and Nefeli inByzantium 5b, 5c Kyriatzakou Kon/na, ZiogaChrysoula Innovative Programme
36 European postcards 4a English Sofroniadou Eleni etwinning
37 The influence of teaching the English language through children’s literature in the language development of Greek children 3a English BalasopoulouNikoletta Innovative Programme
38 Creative Writing: Language fantasy games and children e-stories  Reading and creative writing group and the 4thclass  Tsintzas Dimitris, Rossou Angeliki, Vasileiadou Anastasia, Vogiatzi Korina Innovative Programme
40 Itchy feet 4a, 4bEnglish  Ioanna Ziaka, Sofroniadou Elena  E-Twinning
41  Discovering the Natural Sciences  5b, 5c  Tsintzas Dimitris  Field Research




Cultural topics

·         1stclass – Once upon a time there was chess

·         2ndclass – Getting to know my city through literature

·         3rdclass – Cinelike- My first contact with cinema

·         4thclass- Getting to know my city through literature – Learning about writers from Thessaloniki

·         5thclass – Constantinople and the co-reigning city of the Byzantine Empire

The school courtyard as a creative space in the past and present

·         5thclass – Literature in the city. Learning about writers from Thessaloniki.

·         6thclass – Meeting the other

·         Student radio: “Radio Experimental” (all classes)


Environmental Education

·         3rdclass– Reuse and create before the bin

·         3rdclass – Interactive Environmental Fairytale

·         5thclassGreen Concerns

·         5thclass– Being an active neighbor for a sustainable city

·         5th and 6thclass-Sustainable Technology


Health Education

·         1stclass- Munch, munch… Is this a healthy crunch?

·         1stclass-Oral Hygiene

·         2ndclass-Discovering my body

·         3rdclass- Road Traffic and Safety

·         4thclass-Health and Diet

·         6thclass – Safe or Sorry (SOS)




Let’s learn our rights

European Calendar

Kids in games without borders



European Postcards

Christmas card exchange 2013

Singing our way to English

Itchy feet

Xmas card exchange 2013/2014



What is growing there? Flower seeds are being mailed throughout Europe



Greece and Belgium calling…

All schooldays are extraordinary!


Teachers 4 Europe

Fishing (and playing) in Europe (E2-E3)