School year 2011-12:

  • “Cultural difference and education in human rights”, V. Pliogkou, Doctor in Education (EdD),
  • “Children with learning disabilities and mentally deficient children”, Th. Michailidou, Psychopedagogist.
  • “The technique of collectively reformulating  pupils’ written discourse in order to improve it”,  professor S. Chatzisavvidis,
  • “Classroom management”, Α. Grigoriadis Lecturer in Aristotle University.
  • 3.30-3-12 in-school training
  • “New Analytical Programs- Courses Implementation” , A. Koptsis,
  • “Love of reading” E. Arzanidou,
  • “Identifying and handling pupils with learning disabilities-use of identification software” Papadopoulou, 2nd  KEDDY (Greek Center for Learning Disabilities),
  • “Behavioural problems” Mrs. Mitsopoulou, psychologist.


School year 2013-14, trainers-school teachers (Ref. No 460/17-10-13 Regional Directorate & School Advisor).

  1. Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Developmental Learning Environment), trainer: computer science teacher (ΠΕ20)
  2. Computer Science in Education (long-distance training) trainer: primary school teacher (ΠΕ70)
  3. ICT and teaching process, trainer: primary school teacher (ΠΕ70)
  • January – June 2013, “The use of ICT in Primary School Teaching”, trainers: primary school teachers and computer science teachers (ΠΕ70, ΠΕ20).  (Ref. No 21/10-1-13, Regional Directorate & School Advisor)
  • Diapolis Programme in cooperation with Aristotle University: “Formation and application of regulation for the prevention of behavioural problems in the playground”, Coordinator Papanaoum Z.

School year 2014-15, in-school training according to No 156263/Γ2/30-09-2014 Secretary-General’s document of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, under the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” (issued):

Long-distance intra-school training for experimental school teachers, trainer: school teacher, (Ref. No 422/30-9-14, Pilot and Experimental Schools Management Committee,  DEPPS)

  1. “School garden”,  six-week long-distance programme, trainer: primary school teacher (ΠΕ70),

“Computer science in education Ι, Web 2”, twelve-week long-distance programme, trainer: primary school teacher (ΠΕ70).